Add Nagios Power Supply Check for PowerEdge 770N

1. Download the Nagios Power Supply check for PowerEdge 1850 from Nagios Exchange:


2.The command line options and instructions on how to implement the check are listed on the plugin site.

3.  For each server, I needed to play with the command line options.  For most servers, the options of -n 2 -c 2 (2 – power supplies and 2 cpus) worked just fine, but for some servers I needed to edit those.  For one server particularly I needed to not provide any options.

4. This got Nagios checks working for all PowerEdge 1850’s.  But we had some 770N,  2650, and 850’s in our environment as well.

5. First make a copy so you can change the OID’s as appropriate.

6. I downloaded the MIB table from Dell for the PowerEdge 850.  From searching through the table I found a PowerSupplyStatus OID of  .  I edited the original script and change the powersupply OID from . to .

7. Test the script via command line to find the appropriate values for the number of power supplies -n and the number of CPU’s. For some hosts I wasn’t able to enter a CPU value, it only worked with a number for the power supplies.

./ -H IPAddress -C CommunityString -n 2

./ -H IPAddress -C CommunityString -n 1 -c 1

8. Enter into the commands.cfg the correct command definition and edit the powersupply.cfg file to add the service for the new servers.


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