Upgrade ESX 3.5 to 4.0 with Upgrade Manager

  1. Backup VirtualCenter Server database just to be safe.
  2. Perform an upgrade from VirtualCenter Server 2.5 to vCenter Server 4.0
  3. Download latest ESX 4.x update .iso from VMware. You will need your license account to login
  4. Login to vSphere client and enable the Upgrade Manager
  5. Browse to the Upgrade Manager tab
  6. Click on Admin View -> Download the patches from VMware through Upgrade Manager
  7. Exit Admin view
  8. Click on “Attach …” and create a baseline with the .iso you downloaded. Finish the install instructions.
  9. Create a Baseline group
  10. Select “Scan …” NOTE: Non-compliant means the ESX host or virtual machine is unpatched or out of date
  11. Make sure the host is in maintenance mode and there are no running virtual machines on it
  12. Select “Remediate …”
  13. Choose to update to upgrade to 4.0

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