Install Logwatch OS X

#1 Download the most current version of logwatch.

#2 Copy the tarball up to the server.

#3 Extract the tarball: tar xvf logwatch-7.3.6.tar

#4 cd to the logwatch directory created above.

#5 Install the logwatch package: sudo bash

#6 Accept default install locations.

#7 Copy the conf files and service script files into the new location:

cp -r conf/* /etc/logwatch/conf/

cp  -r scripts/services/* /etc/logwatch/scripts/services

#8 Edit the logwatch.conf file to your desired needs.

Make sure the Print option is set to yes. We then redirect the output via the cronjob.

#9 Install a cronjob to run nightly or however you prefer:

sudo crontab -e

15 2 * * * /usr/share/logwatch/scripts/ | mail -s “Logwatch $HOSTNAME”


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