Resolve OS X folder with question mark

Today I applied security patches to one of my Leopard servers and rebooted only to have the server not come up.  I had to drive all the way into work to discover the folder with a question mark on it signifying that the server didn’t recognize any boot drive.

Found this very helpful post:

Fortunately I could see the drive and the software RAID through Disk Utility when booting from CD.

Tried all of those steps and no luck!  I really didn’t want to reformat the drive and re-install the OS and then have to re-install all applications too!

Recognizing that I had a mirror RAID with 2 disks I thought maybe one of the disks might be causing and issue so I removed one of the disks from the RAID set like this.

dlopez$ diskutil checkRAID

Name:                   Mirror
Unique ID:              2CFEC74D-5C0C-49CB-940E-6099AE3C2B97
Type:                   Mirror
Status:                 Online
Device Node:            disk4
Apple RAID Version:     2
 #      Device Node     UUID                                    Status
0       disk1s3         EF3F0D87-0E9A-4ED4-BB2B-F2A7EBFD0306    Online
1       disk3s3         B1EC4F22-9C0D-4CDB-90FE-D49347195834    Online

I wanted to remove disk3s3 from the RAID

dlopez$ sudo diskutil removeFromRAID disk3s3 disk4
AppleRAID Headers removed from disk 'disk3s3'
Changing filesystem size on disk 'disk3s3'...
Attempting to change filesystem size from 14658928640 to 14658936832 bytes
The disk has been removed from the RAID

Then I ran a disk repair on it and rebooted.  Sure enough the server was back!  Now I just need to recreate the mirror RAID again.


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