Resource Mate on Linux

Get setupunix.ext from Resource Mate

This is a Windows executable. It is purposely renamed to get through email.  Rename the file setupunix.exe and run it on a Windows system.   This will extract the necessary files you need for the installation

Copy the files to the web server

*Copy the cgi-bin folder to the DocumentRoot of the web server or VirtualNamedHost. This should be what you have once copied up to the server. /path/to/DocRoot/cgi-bin/tmp

* Make sure the permissions on cgi-bin and tmp directories are 755. In other words readable and executable by everyone.

* Change the libsearch.cgi file to be executable: chmod 755 cgi-bin/tmp/libsearch.cgi

* Edit the lib.conf file with the appropriate information.  A detailed explanation is enclosed as a word doc with the extracted files.

Add ScriptAlias to Apache httpd.conf

* Edit the httpd.conf file to add a script alias for the cgi-bin directory: ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ “/path/to/DocRoot/cgi-bin/tmp”

* Reload Apache: sudo /sbin/service httpd reload

Browse to URI

* Go to the URI of the site to the libsearch.cgi executable.


* The libsearch.cgi is a perl script.  The following perl modules were required on my system to get the libsearch.cgi script to work

  • LWP::Simple
  • ExtUtils::Installed
  • CGI::Carp
  • CGI::Session
  • Cwd

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