Monitor Dell Server Hardware in Nagios with SNMP v3


Instructions can be found here by selecting the version of DOM you need to install: The following steps worked for Dell PowerEdge 1950 and  PE 2950.

THIS DOES NOT WORK FOR PE 2550’s.  You need an older version of DOM to monitor these. For PE 2250’s I logged into, entered serial number and downloaded the appropriate version of OM for that hardware.

Add Dell Repository to your Server

wget -q -O - | bash

Install DOM on Remote Server

Now you can install srvadmin-all with the yum command: yum install srvadmin-all

Restart snmpd service: sudo /sbin/service snmpd restart

SuSE 10. i386

Download the tarball from Dell Support

Extract the tarball: tar xvzf OM-SrvAdmin-Dell-Web-LX-XXX.tar.gz

Install the services: sudo sh linux/

Follow the prompts to install. I had an issue installing all so I just selected the necessary packages.

Restart snmpd: sudo /sbin/service snmpd restart


If the ipmi service doesn’t start then you will not get system specific SNMP variables returned.  I found a solution here:

The /sbin/start_udev command worked in creating the /dev/ipmi0 character device


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