Upgrade PERC 5/i Integrated Firmware

I recently had to upgrade the firmware on one of my Dell systems. It doesn’t mention it in the release notes but this WILL REQUIRE A REBOOT!

Instructions taken from here: http://ftp.us.dell.com/SAS-RAID/R189337.txt

Once you download the update file make sure to verify the signature. Here are the instructions from Dell: http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/software/smdrac3/idrac/idrac1.11/en/ug/html/chap02.htm

  1. Download the appropriate .BIN file from http://support.dell.com and enter you serial number. Browse to SAS RAID Controller section.
  2. Scp the file to the system you want to update
  3. I ran ./RAID_FRMW_*.BIN –version to see what required packages are necessary.  For my system, it was just compat-libstdc++-
  4. Make sure to stop the Server Administrator: omconfig system webserver action=stop
  5. Stop the Storage Management service: /etc/init.d/dataeng stop
  6. Upgrade the firmware: ./RAID_FRMW*.BIN

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