scponly on RHEL5


  1. Downloaded scponly from here:
  2. Copy it over to the server: scp scponly-YYYYMMDD.tgz username@serverName:~/
  3. On the SFTP server untar the tarball in /usr/local:
    1. cd /usr/local
    2. cd scponly-YYYYMMDD
    3. ./configure –enable-chrooted-binary
    4. make
    5. sudo make install
  4. This will create the necessary files for scponly under /usr/local

Add SFTP chrooted user

  1. I downloaded the script from here: and modified it for our environment.
  2. Run the script. This will create the user if one doesn’t exist, create the directory structure and make a writeable directory for the user to upload files or pull files from.
  3. Add SFTP user to sshd_config AllowUsers, restart SSHD
  4. Test with a SFTP client NOTE: You will not be able to test with SSH!!

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