Admin Tools in Windows 7

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As some of us admins completely ignored the existence of Windows Vista, you may have also missed the replacement for the adminpak.msi. As this is no longer used a version has been released for Vista & Windows 7. I’m going to walk you through getting this on W7. This will allow you to access AD Users & Computers and all the other tools you so dearly love as admins.

:- Download and install the RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools) found on the Microsoft website. There is also a x64 version if you require that.
You can find this tool here;…

:- Once installed you will notice in the start menu you’ll have extra admin entries, but no User & Computers tools. To enable all the extra features go to
Control Panel > Programs & Features > Turn Windows Features On & Off

:- Select “Remote Server Admin Tools” & Check everything you want. You will have to do everything one at a time as it’s pedantic about you selecting all in one swoop.

:- Now all should be done. Check your start menu. If you notice things are still missing you’ll have to right click the start menu and select “Properties”.

:- From there Start menu > Customise.

:- Scroll near the bottom and within “System Administrative Tools” select “Display on the All Programs Menu & The Start Menu”

:- Now checking your start menu should show you the pleothora of tools now back at your disposal.

Add AD Users & Computers and any other necessary plugins to MMC.


Getting ADUC to see the Exchange 2003 Attributes on Windows Vista…

I found a post similar to this which had similar steps and tried it on my Vista computer and it worked well.  Trying on my Windows 7 computer I get an error when I run the regsvr32 command.  Not sure how to resolve this for Windows 7. May look into this in the future when I need it.  Steps from the link above are copied below

Hiya Folks, most of us know that the Exchange Management Extensions for Exchange 2003 are not supported – or do not work on Windows Vista, however – there is a way that you can get the Active Directory Users and Computers Snap-in to work with Windows Vista which will allow you to manage Exchange attributes.

In this post I would like to take you through getting ADUC with the Exchange extensions to work under Windows Vista.

Firstly in order for this to work you will need;

  • A download of the Windows 2003 SP1 Adminpak.msi file, which can be obtained from:
  • Your Windows Vista computer to be a member of the domain that contains the Exchange Server that you wish to manage using ADUC
  • Be logged onto the Vista machine with an account that has permissions to administer the local machine and the domain (or modify accounts in AD)
  • You will need the following files from your Exchange Server (these may be located in theWindows\system32 folder or in the program files\exchsrvr\bin folder);
    • exchmem.dll
    • glblname.dll
    • Address.dll
    • maildsmx.dll
    • netui0.dll
    • netui1.dll
    • netui2.dll
    • pttrace.dll

Addtionally I would suggest that you copy over the “Active Directory Users and Computers.msc” file from the c:\program files\exchsrvr\bin directory on your Exchange server to a location on your machine (this will ensure that you have the latest version of the msc)

Follow the guidance from for installing the Adminpak.msi on Vista from Daniel Petri’s site, which is located here:

Copy all of the DLL’s mentioned above to the c:\windows\system32 folder then run the following command line regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\maildsmx.dll

You should now be able to open up the ADUC and manage users accounts as you normally would from you Windows Vista Session.