Juniper EX4200 Virtual Chassis setup

Note: Use these steps at your own risk. These were performed on NON-PRODUCTION hardware.

Steps and troubleshooting taken from here:

NOTE: Follow these steps to setup Virtual Chassis configuration.  If you have already connected the virtual chassis make sure you are connected to the master!!!  If not, the eazy setup will try to put on int0/0/0 and if you are connected to the backup that will not exist! To get around this power off the backup and disconnect the virtual chassis and then follow the steps below!

Step-by-Step Procedure
To configure a Virtual Chassis with master and backup:

#1 Make sure the VCPs on the rear panel of the member switches are properly cabled. See Virtual Chassis Cabling Configuration Examples for EX4200 Switches.
#2 Power on SWA-0 (the member switch that you want to function as the master). '''Make sure to leave the second switch powered off!!!'''
#3 Check the front-panel LCD to confirm that the switch has powered on correctly.
#4 Run the EZSetup program on SWA-0, specifying the identification parameters. See Connecting and Configuring an EX Series Switch (CLI Procedure) or Connecting and Configuring an EX Series Switch (J-Web Procedure) for details.
#5 Configure SWA-0 with the virtual management Ethernet (VME) interface for out-of-band management of the Virtual Chassis configuration, if desired.<br>[edit]<br>user@SWA-0# set interfaces vme unit 0 family inet address /ip-address/mask/
#6 Power on SWA-1.

snmpwalk for specific Vendors

* EqualLogic

snmpwalk -v 2c -c community_string IPAddress enterprises.12740.1

* VMWare

snmpwalk -v 2c -c community_string IPAddress enterprises.6876.1

* Dell

snmpwalk -v 2c -c community_string IPAddress enterprises.674.10892.1

* Juniper: