Install pear ezc/eZComponents

I recently had to install pear ezc/eZComponents for an rpm package requirement, but running a pear install kept coming back with package not found.

So I had to do the following:

$ sudo pear channel-discover
$ sudo pear install channel://
$ sudo pear install channel://
Now off to upgrade PHP since I got this error!
ezc/Base requires PHP (version >= 5.2.1), installed version is 5.1.6

Install Pear OS X Leopard

#1 wget -O go-pear.php

#2 php go-pear.php

#3 Change the installation directory to whatever you would like and edit settings as appropriate.

#4 Allowed edit to php.ini to add the PEAR directory to the path in php.ini.

#5 Now you can run pear commands assuming you edited your PATH to include the PEAR installation directory.

pear -V

Now you can add pear packages with pear install command

How to install the pear package: HTML_QuickForm

#1 pear install HTML_QuickForm