Testing Reverse DNS Lookup

[dlopez@hostname ~]$ *dig mail-relay.prod.domain.com. +nocomments | egrep “NS|A”*
;mail-relay.prod.domain.com. IN A
mail-relay.prod.domain.com. 6 IN A IPAddress
domain.com. 86138 IN NS pdns1.ultradns.net.
domain.com. 86138 IN NS pdns5.ultradns.info.
domain.com. 86138 IN NS pdns2.ultradns.net.
domain.com. 86138 IN NS pdns4.ultradns.org.
domain.com. 86138 IN NS pdns6.ultradns.co.uk.
domain.com. 86138 IN NS pdns3.ultradns.org.
pdns1.ultradns.net. 1360 IN A
pdns1.ultradns.net. 1360 IN AAAA 2001:502:f3ff::1
pdns2.ultradns.net. 772 IN A
pdns3.ultradns.org. 3252 IN A
pdns4.ultradns.org. 3252 IN A
pdns4.ultradns.org. 3252 IN AAAA 2001:502:4612::1
pdns5.ultradns.info. 2412 IN A
pdns6.ultradns.co.uk. 120 IN A
;; WHEN: Mon Apr 9 20:00:02 2012
[bfisher@hostname ~]$ *dig -x IPAddress +nocomments | egrep “NS|PTR”*
;IPAddress.in-addr.arpa. IN PTR
IPAddress.in-addr.arpa. 65939 IN PTR mail-relay.prod.domain.com.
IPAddress.in-addr.arpa. 65939 IN NS pdns4.ultradns.org.
IPAddress.in-addr.arpa. 65939 IN NS pdns1.ultradns.net.
IPAddress.in-addr.arpa. 65939 IN NS pdns3.ultradns.org.
IPAddress.in-addr.arpa. 65939 IN NS pdns6.ultradns.co.uk.
IPAddress.in-addr.arpa. 65939 IN NS pdns5.ultradns.info.
IPAddress.in-addr.arpa. 65939 IN NS pdns2.ultradns.net.
[dlopez@hostname ~]$

You can also check http://www.mxtoolbox.com/SuperTool.aspx and type in IPAddress

Check for Blacklisting

Check http://www.mxtoolbox.com/SuperTool.aspx click the Blacklists tab and enter IP address.


Separate ringtones SMS and email for EVO

Working as a SysAdmin you can get notified of emails which are not critical and SMS messages which for me are critical alerts of a problem I need to look into. For this reason, I changed my SMS ringtone from the default.

Select “Messages” -> “Menu” -> “Settings” and select the ringtone you would like for messages.

To change the email notification ringtone, from the home page, select Menu and settings and select the ringtone you would like.